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Get ahead of the curve! Learn About Bitcoin, STEEM, Etherium and other Crypto!

Affordable Web Application Development Catered Around Your Projects Needs

From conceptual design to code and everything in between. Get a FREE project consultation!

Open Source Software Solutions from Small Business to Large Corporations

Working with you to bring your ideas and dreams into real-time computing applications

Welcome to KLYE.ORG. This site serves as an 24/7/365 information portal, web shop, service center and pipeline to contact or hire KLYE’s wide variety of skills & services.

Freelance programming, graphic design, web application creation, brainstorming sessions, crypto currency consultations is just the surface of what I can do for your life.

Have you got a great idea but not the technical skills to manifest it into reality? This is where my skills and services are best deployed, let me create your dream!

The difference between merely having an idea compared to having the ability to manifest it into reality is immense. By employing my skills to bring your next big project to life you take your first steps towards making your dreams real and your business flourish. Getting prototype or first version applications or software built is crucial to getting your idea to market. This is where I come in. Realistically priced development of your idea outline delivered to you in time frames catered to suit your needs.